By Helena BU

Two years ago, a young student lady come to Sixth June, her name: Helena BU
With the will to bring our brand to her community, she became the most important ambassador for Sixth June, wearing and showing all of our collections with pride.
Her inner happiness and her appreciation for our work having been noticed, a great feeling and a relationship of trust emerged, the beginning of a beautiful and long collaboration.

Ambassador, model and finally SixthJune muse, Helena BU is now launching her own capsule collection !

By her knowledge of the modern young woman, their needs, their desires, the idea to create her own collection born naturally.
Ciseled by the work and guided by a strong determination, Helena BU is proud to announce to you the release of her capsule collection "Sixth June By Helena Bu".


You attract who you are, so be independent and bold and dare this jacket. The ON MY BO$$ GIRL SH*T blazer is the perfect piece to complete your look! With a belt to emphasize your waist with crocodile aspects and a pocket to store your mobile phone pocket for your mobile phone, keys or headphones. Two words: sobriety and comfort.

Chill at home
It's already the weekend and what better way to chill out at home with a casual outfit? Check out the complete set of joggers, bra and sweatshirt in nude colours: perfect for a Netflix day

Shopping Day
For a shopping day, we suggest 3 must-have pieces to wear: a black biker, a white t-shirt and a slightly oversized sweater with gold details on each piece. Mix and match according to your mood: no compromise between style and comfort!

Being so iconic in such a cosy dress, ironic isn't it? Perfect for any occasion, Helena offers you the fluffy dress in water green. The key piece in the Helena x Sixth June collection!

Dinner with friends ?
Dare to go for the total satin look with a shirt to tie, cargo trousers and a mask. Why choose between comfort and style? We propose a monochrome outfit for a comfortable and elegant evening. Add your personal touch with a pair of shoes of your choice.